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Dentures are prosthetic teeth, used to replace missing teeth. While conventional dentures are removable, there are many different options when it comes to denture designs – some which clasp onto dental implants or existing teeth. Additionally, dentures can be either complete or partial (i.e. replacing all or some of the patient’s teeth, depending on the need). The kind of denture best suited to a patient depends on many variables, and Dr. Palmisano will help guide the patient toward the best course of treatment. 


If it is determined that dentures are the best treatment option for a patient, the patient will follow several steps to complete treatment. First, if the patient needs to have teeth extracted, they will be referred to one of Dr. Palmisano’s colleagues who specialize in oral surgery. Next, the patient will have an impression made of their teeth and/or gums. That impression will be used to create a model that is sent to a dental lab, where the dentures will be made to exactly fit the patient’s mouth. Once the dentures are returned to Dr. Palmisano, her office will coordinate the day of surgery with the oral surgeon. After the teeth are extracted Dr. Palmisano will deliver the denture. She will then work with the patient until their new dentures have a great fit.


An exciting development over the past couple of decades has been the advent of “Teeth-in-a-Day.” With this course of treatment, the teeth are extracted by the oral surgeon and new, fixed dentures are delivered the same day. See the section “Implants” for more information.

In an effort to remove stains from their teeth, ancient Egyptians made toothpaste out of pumice stone and vinegar. Romans whitened their teeth with a urine-based mixture – somewhat effective due to the whitening qualities of ammonia. It wasn’t until 1989 that a truly successful and safe bleaching system was discovered. Carbamide peroxide was found to be a highly effective dental whitening agent, and  at-home whitening trays were born.



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